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Tilapia Sex Reversal for All Male Fry

The two video clips below deal with the use of sex reversal methods for producing all male fry. The first one was a presentation by a worker of the Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management facility at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. The second clip has sound bites from British Tilapia nurseryman and famer, Warren Turner at the Nan Sai farm in Thaland.

Presentation on Tilapia Sex Reversal
Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management Facility
Asian Institute of Technology - Bangkok, Thailand

A technician discusses the sex reversal process and its current usage in Thailand for producing all male tilapia fry.



Sound Bites from Aquaculturist Warren Turner
Nam Sai Farms
Prachinburi Province, Thailand

Warren talks about the use of male hormone feed, filtration, and other hatchery operations on his nursery and tilapia farms.


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