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Tilapia Hatchery Operations for Small Islands
Our newest video provides the basic aspects of starting and maintaining a Tilapia hatchery, including choosing and caring for broodstock, feeding, water quality, all male fry production and more.

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Presentations on Tilapia Sex Reversal
Warren Turner and a researcher at the Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management facility at AIT talk about sex reversal method for producting all male Tilapia fry.

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Video Lecture Series: Inland Aquaculture  
Development and Management

This is a series of five lectures presented at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand.

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 Sustainable Agriculture Video Series

This video series provides an overview of sustainable agricultural practices that are applicable to the Pacific island regions. Topics include Agroforestry, Windbreaks, Hedgrows and Alley Cropping, and Recirculating Aquaculture. You may select to watch the entire video or play different chapters.

A DVD containing all 3 presentations is available as a part of our Sustainable Agriculture DVD Series. For more information on obtaining the DVD, please contact

Photo of video clip from Agroforestry presentation.

Agroforesty: A Sustainable
Tropical Island Land Use System

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Photo of video clip from Aquaculture presentation.

An Introduction to
Recirculating Aquaculture

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Photo of video clip from Windreaks, Hedgerows and Alley Cropping presentation.

An Introduction to Windbreaks,
Hedgerows and Alley Cropping

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